Vog/SO2 Updates

From your VCA President:

Dear Neighbors:

Air quality conditions continue to change daily. Please keep checking radio announcements (repeated hourly), and the above websites for current conditions. A particularly useful link is the following:

Sulfur Dioxide (S02) Conditions at Kilauea Summit and Pu'u O'o:


This site visually shows you the direction and magnitude of the sulfur dioxide plumes from both Pu'u O'o and Halema'uma'u summit crater. It is in real time, such that you can "see" the plumes (on a map) and which way they are headed. Our subdivisions are marked if you look carefully. Warning levels are color-coded and easy to understand.

Please also refer to the County's 4-panel brochure: "Emissions from Kilauea Volcano," for it has specific recommendations of what you can do. To access the brochure, first go to the County of Hawaii Kilauea Eruption Update Website:


and THEN SELECT the link called: "Click Here for Emissions from Kilauea Volcano brochure."

Keep in mind that future episodes of vog and sulfur dioxide are expected to be significantly stronger than those of recent years, because we are physically much closer to the source: in this case, Halema'uma'u at the summit of Kilauea, just a few miles from the Volcano community residential areas (in comparison to the previous vog episodes from the more-distant Pu'u O'o vent).

If recent weeks have showed anything, it was how localized and how changing the natural conditions can be here on Kilauea Volcano.   What was true SO2 and weather-wise for one sub-division was totally the opposite for another.  One hour the SO2 is one way; the next hour it was blowing in a completely different direction. 

So please take care of yourselves and your neighbors by remaining prepared and informed. If evacuating Volcano is ever required, secure your homes before leaving.

DRIVE SLOWLY and CAREFULLY if an evacuation announcement happens (and keep your radio on.)

Jeffrey Mermel,
VCA President

Summary of Eruption-Related Websites:


During an Evacuation Event in Volcano, "Punaweb" will be carrying and receiving messages of need or help regarding places to stay in Puna Makai:

The VCA has been contacted by Rob Tucker of Friends of Puna's Future (FoPF)...If you choose to evacuate and prefer not to go to the shelter in Hilo, there are neighborly people in Lower Puna offering bed space in their homes, some with animal space and/or spaces for tenting !

To get assistance from our "new friends" in lower Puna, contact "Friends of Puna Forum."


  1. open the link: www.punaweb.org/Forum/default.asp
  2. register yourself (follow directions on page)
  3. log in and go to the main page
  4. choose "Volcano Evacuation Forum"
  5. Review the "offerings" in the Topic: "Can you help a Volcano resident?" - You can review any listings and reply to any one, even to several
  6. To reply to an individual offer: click on the topic (offer), read the details, and then click the upper right corner next to the user name. A window will appear with a "Click to send an E-Mail" message.
  7. To make a special request (special needs/ pets, etc), select the "Volcano evacuees post here" Topic and then click on the "New Topic" choice (meaning "new message") at the top middle or top right of the page. Enter the information about what you need, and then click the "Post new Reply" button at the bottom.

A message from Jane Testa, Director, Department of Research and Development On behalf of Hawai'i County Civil Defense dated March 31st states:

"Recent changes in activity at the Halema'uma'u Crater have created a potential increase in hazards for Hawai'i Island. These hazards include higher levels of sulfur dioxide, ash fall, and vog, the effects of which some of us have already been experiencing. The level of risk to your health varies depending on current emissions, locations, and wind direction. You may share the following link to the County of Hawai'i's Volcano Information Updates site:"


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